Squirrels Velvet Scrunchie with Tails
  • Squirrels Velvet Scrunchie with Tails

    Squirrel Velvet Scrunchie with Tails.


    This scrunchie is made from beautiful metallic velvet printed with leaping foxes and golden leaves. The print looks amazing on the velvet, the shimmer it has really adds to the detail and colour and makes it almost look glowy. It has a warm undertone so really shines beautifully and is a really lovely colour pink.


    The velvet is professionally printed in the UK in small batches. I then hand make all the scrunchies in my little Sussex studio. The squirrel design is taken from my original paintings of adorable red squirrels surrounded by bright red berries. I love to paint by hand and work in acrylics and watercolours.


    The scruchies are quite large and thick.  These scrunchie have gorgeous long tails too which will hang down on your hair and look really beautiful!  I wanted to make it quite wide so you can really see the design and the scrunchies look more beautiful! The elastic is nice and stretchy and will tie twice around a pony tail.